"Sport for all abilities"

Members of the


Registered RFD 

The site is based on an area of the disused Ford airfield. The entire site is hard surfaced and therefore all-weather. The site is ideally suited for members, local clubs and as a venue for action-packed corporate entertainment.

10 Metre Indoor Range.

Our main building includes a 10 metre indoor target rifle, Air pistol and Co2 Pistol range. The range is organised so that it can be used for both 5 meter and 10 meter ranges.

A variety of target types are available from static paper to timed exposure or 'practical pistol' style. The Indoor range is ideal for shooting in the evenings or during the winter.

60 Yard Outdoor Range.

Our purpose-built outdoor range with covered firing points, flood lighting and targetry at varying ranges and of varying types. As with our indoor range we will be offering simple paper targets through to timed exposure and additional 'silhouette targets' for use in competitions and practice. The outdoor range will include a safe vantage point for spectators and full facilities for scorers and other officials.


100 Metre Range and Field Target Area

Our long range for rimfire and airgun has 16' earth backstop. Field targets are set out at varying wind angles and ranges providing air gunners with challenging shots. The .22 contingent shoot static targets within the horse-shoe target area. FAC holders with guns on open ticket for vermin control can use this range for zeroing and checking bullet drop at a variety of distances.

Car Parking.

Our car park can hold up to 70 cars and is large enough to take mini busses and small coaches. The carpark itself is an integral part of the site and is there for is completely hard surfaced and secure.

Practical Pistol

One of our exclusive facilities is our indoor dedicated practical pistol range. Housed in our main building and consisting of three linked and CCTV covered rooms.


This facility will challenge even the most dedicated of shooters. Teams may practice different scenarios and be taken through video critiques afterwards at leisure.

Club Facilities.

We have a comfortable club room with a tea coffee machine, soft drinks, snacks, pool table and a seating area to relax in.

We run a small shop supplying consumables such as Co2 and airgun ammunition and other essential equipment for club members. We also sell shotguns, rifles and ammunition. On a practical note we have a unisex toilet block next to the main building.


Disabled Facilities.

We have designated disabled parking and provide wheel chair access to both our indoor and outdoor ranges and our clubroom.
We have a purpose-built disabled toilet incorporated into our main toilet block.
As we have mentioned above, the whole site is hard surfaced and wheelchair friendly.

Secure Storage

We have an armoury with 200 slots for both rifles and pistols that members can rent. The armoury is dehumidified and the alarm is linked via GSM and redcare landline to both the Police and range staff.