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Rules and Saftey


1. Guns must not be pointed or fired at anything other than designated targets.

2. Guns must be kept in an unloaded state unless on a firing point.

Break barrel rifles and pistols must be kept with barrel partially broken to signify unloaded state.
Similarly, under-levers must have the cocking lever pulled out slightly so that others know the state of the gun.
Pre-charged pneumatic rifles must have bolts to the rear and magazines (where applicable) must be removed.
Pistols must be holstered, cased or have the action open with magazines or cartridges removed.

3. Loaded guns must be kept pointing in a safe direction, downrange only. Conduct of an unsafe nature will result in a disciplinary hearing. (See section concerning disciplinary procedure below.)


1. Guns must be kept cased whilst in the car parking area.

2. Members are expected to provide their own guns and equipment. Limited amounts of equipment may be available for use by members and guests at a small hire fee.

3. Members' guns are liable to be checked by management and chronographed at any time to ensure that they are operating within the legal limits (12ft/lbs for air rifle and 6 ft/lbs for pistol). F.A.C. rated weapons are prohibited on the ranges. Any gun found to be over the legal limit and not held on a firearm certificate is liable to confiscation pending down-tuning or transfer to the Police Firearms Liaison Officer. If you are unsure of your guns power rating, please declare it on arrival at the ranges so that it can be checked. Airsoft Electric Guns may have a maximum muzzle velocity of 328 fps and may only be used on single shot within confined space, fully auto elsewhere.

4. Members are expected to conduct themselves in a manner befitting a sporting club; inappropriate aggression, foul or abusive language or unsporting behaviour will not be tolerated. The club facilities are there for members and visitors alike, behaviour that results in bringing the club into disrepute will also result in a disciplinary hearing for the member or members in question. (See section concerning disciplinary procedure below).

5. Memberships are to be considered probationary for an initial period of six months after joining the club. During this period a member must attend a minimum of six sessions for assessment of safety and suitable conduct.

6. Membership numbers will be limited to ensure that club overcrowding does not occur. Management reserve the right to increase membership numbers after assessment of the number of members attending range sessions.
7. Eye protection must be worn at all times outside safe zones during airsoft training or exercises and when using open sights on airguns (both pistol and rifle) on the indoor range. It must also be worn at all times whilst clay pigeon shooting.


1. These are due annually and run from date of joining, subscription reminders are not sent. The onus is on members to renew or pay guest fees.

4. Failure to pay members' annual subscription will result in membership and use of facilities being revoked. In certain circumstances management may extend the 14 days payment period at a member's request but this should not be considered accepted.


1. Scorers' decisions are final.

2. Teams must remain with the same members for the duration of the competition unless a member cannot attend due to confirmed injury or similar reason.

3. Competition results will be published as soon as final scores are collated.


Such hearings will arise as the result of inappropriate or unsafe conduct by members. In order to prevent disciplinary action being taken, care must be exercised to learn and adhere to membership rules, as they are there to ensure the safe and smooth running of the facilities.

1. If disciplinary action is deemed appropriate at the time of alleged offence, the member(s) concerned will be given notice of disciplinary hearing.

2. A disciplinary board will consist of 2 or more members of management.

3. Club members accused of breaking club rules may attend the hearing and may call upon witnesses to the alleged offence(s) in aid to their defence.

4. CCTV footage, where available, may be used to corroborate evidence.

5. A fair and unbiased hearing can be expected from the disciplinary board, their duty is to uphold safety standards and integrity of the club.

6. Verdicts of "Unsafe Conduct" may result in membership being revoked with forfeit of subscription, or result in a formal warning being given, depending on the severity of the offence.

7. Verdicts of "Unsuitable Conduct" will result in a formal warning being given. Repeat offender's membership will be revoked.

8. The Disciplinary Board's verdicts are final and irreversible without further evidence being produced.